Monday, December 18, 2017

Acer buergerianum

This was the first tree I aquired and its development was therefore quite the opposite of what I would refer to as straightforward. It was wired by me when I bought it, my first wiring I ever did, and almost died a year later when I was still keeping my trees in a super well draining substrate and on the hot, south-faceing balcony. It surprisingly survived these summer days, contrary to some other of my first trees, and I decided to just dig it in the ground to let it recover. It was then field grown for  about 5 years and I just decided to create a rock planting 3 years ago because the shape of the roots was weird already because I never paid too much attention to it. Yes, the stone I took is not particularly interesting for a root-over-rock style and the attachment of the roots is far from perfect. But I am delighted that I managed to create something with a somewhat hopeful future from what was destined to be a failure.
Now Im focusing on creating this inverse taper and let some sacrifying branches grow stongly during the next growing seasons. The roots will also be exposed gradually and I am working on creating a nice, flat rootball. This year was the first after the long time in the field and I think it will make big progress next year.

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