Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bonsai work table

Last year I decided to build a bonsai table that would allow me to both rotate and tilt the trees in one plane while working on them. Inspired by some tutorials how to make them yourself which you can find online and some commercially available ones I came up with a quite simple version. I decided to choose a more durable wood for the top layer of the table so it can get wet even though I would not advise to keep it outside in rainy weather as its lifetime will suffer for sure. The bolts can be changed depending on whether I want to fit a round/oval or rectangular/square pot or container on it while tilting the table. It can be adjusted to a broad variety heights due to the block that allows 3 different options. I bought a relatively cheap turning wheel made from plastic off amazon, but it should be strong enough for all sizes of trees im planning to put on the table.

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