Friday, February 20, 2015

Random pots

In this post i want to show most of my bonsai pots that i bought or created myself. I started with bonsai pottery in the winter of last year and will continue to get better in this craft with every new bonsai pot or accent pot.

one of my first pots created under professional guidance

I was happy how the glaze turned out; however, I should have glazed the rim too

nice accent pot from carlos hebeisen - takahama
oval pot from Isabelia bonsai museum
interesting glaze and could look nice when a suitable plant sits inside

rectangle pot by josef mairhofer; will be planted with a hawthorn this spring

I tried to replicate the accent pot shown above by myself and think I succeeded

on this pot I tried to create texture with the help of some chicken wire

I added a rim and punctured holes with a drill bit in this one, which turned out quite nice

the bottom of the above pot; i prefer to add plenty of drainage holes as well as small holes for wire

this is my potter signature in close detail

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